I have (for a while now) wanted to do a Podcast. I have always been fascinated by broadcasting and radio and find the podcast platform to be fantastic. This gives anyone a chance to share their voice with the world. I like that! (Not that I like hearing my own voice, I am so nasally!)

Mrs. Woffy's Place was the birth of wanting to do something more but not knowing what. I blog, then I don't, it was about fashion then it was about whatever. I wasn't consistent and I have no audience. I wan't to write and talk about issues that matter to me and matter to people my age. (If you are wondering I am almost 35) Insert "The Prattle Syndicate". The Prattle Syndicate can be about whatever is on my mind. I can address all the issues, ideas and thoughts that buzz through this head day in and day out. I can be serious, funny, crude, the point is I have that option. So as much as I love "Mrs. Woffy's Place", it is time to say good-bye. 


To be continued...